Try Some New Shoes

Sometimes we are facing a problem or situation or decision and we feel like there’s just no good answer. We go around and around in our head but still can’t seem to come to a plan of action that we are one hundred percent behind. Might I suggest trying on some new shoes? No, not…

Experience Something Real

Our world seems full of manufactured experiences that we can enjoy, but they cannot compare to the simple pleasures of real interactions with our world and with people.

Sow Your Seed

I’ve thought much lately about how using the gifts that God gives us to serve others in like planting seed in the Kingdom of God. So, how should we go about using our gifts and planting our seed?

Take Time to Talk

A big part of a relationship is to relate to each other, and that means taking time to talk every day. So what does that mean for the most important relationship in your life?

Choose the Open Path

Life is often about choices, and those choices not only determine where we go and what we experience in your lives, but they even determine who we become as people. Although we like to think that we remain the same over time, research shows that this is not true. Many of our values, interests, and personality traits may seem…

Draw Your Line

“What is it then to be properly educated? It is learning… to separate the things that lie within our power from those that don’t.” — Epictetus, Greek philosopher “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.” — Reinhold…

Give Your Gift

Today, I would like you to give your gift. What? What do you mean by that? I hear you say. Well, I guess to give your gift, you have to know what your gift is, right? What? You don’t you know that God has placed a gift in your hands? Yes, He has. He has placed…

Are You the Calm or the Storm?

My sweet wife Tina loves to tell people, “John is the calm in my storm.”  But I could probably equally say, “Tina is the storm in my calm.” So what in the world are we talking about? What we are talking about is a complementary relationship. When you have two people in a healthy relationship,…

How Can I Grow?

Yesterday we talked about facing challenging situations and three words to use in any life challenge: Bring More Love. Today I want to bring in four more words that we can always use to re-orient our attitude in life’s challenges: How Can I Grow? I believe that the Spirit’s purposes in everything that life brings us, good…

Bring More Love

Today you will face a challenging interaction with someone, whether in person or by phone or text or email. There is one course of action that will always get results and align you with God’s power: bring more love.

Learn to Feel God’s Path

What does the Bible mean when it says we walk by faith and not by sight? There is a way that is beyond rules, beyond logic, and beyond emotion, and that is to learn to feel God’s path.

Every Breath Is a Miracle

I am a morning person. That doesn’t make me any better than people who aren’t morning people, it’s just how I tick. I find that the first few hours after I awake are usually when my mind is most clear and I can be most creative and productive, and often most in tune with what God…