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Bring More Love

Today you will face a challenging interaction with someone, whether in person or by phone or text or email. It may be a difference of opinion, it may be because of an unfair rule or policy, it may even be a personal attack against you. It may be from a child or a parent, a coworker, boss or employee, someone who has been your mortal enemy for years, your best friend, or a complete stranger.

The particulars of how best to navigate your individual challenge will involve your own reliance on following God’s path for you, but I can suggest three words that you can apply to any challenge you face today:

Bring more love.

Somehow, someway, bring more love to the situation.  That may be easy and obvious, or it may be difficult to figure out how and even more difficult to actually do.

But do it.

I’m not saying cave in and abandon your truth, I’m not saying avoid what needs to be said or done. I want you to stand in all your truth and integrity and strength and power and wisdom.

But, in all of that, bring more love.

Love is the strongest power in the universe, the deepest truth, the greatest wisdom. Love aligns us with all that God is. Love can accomplish what no other tactic, no other power play can.

Bring more love today.


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