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Sow Your Seed

I’ve thought much lately about how using the gifts that God gives us to serve others is like sowing seed in the Kingdom of God. So, how should we go about using our gifts and sowing our seed?

1- Know there are all different kinds of seeds, and each one is valuable.

God never wants us to be in the comparison game, and that is certainly true about the seeds we plant. Seeds of washing clothes, a kind word, or a simple smile have just as much value in the Kingdom as seeds of heading up a homeless ministry or saving someone’s life. Don’t be concerned about how important or seemingly ordinary your acts of light and love are– they are all treasured in the Kingdom.

2- Know that our job is to sow our seed, not to be concerned with what God does with it after we leave.

Fifty years ago, someone was sowing seeds of taking food to families in need. They had no idea that God would use their simple gift to change the heart of a young boy, who through a meal given to his family realized that there really were people who were kind & wanted to relieve suffering in this world, and that he wanted to be that kind of person too. Now, that young boy who was fed a simple meal is the millionaire Tony Robbins, whose charities have provided over 200 million meals to others. It is God who guides how He uses the seed we sow, and we may never know the impact our seed will have.

3- Know that we can sow seeds for the Kingdom every day.

We don’t have to wait for a special event or a better life situation to be a seed sower. We can be faithful every day to look for the opportunities that God will bring us if we just open our eyes. They may be big or small, planned or unexpected, but we can trust that God will use each and every seed we sow today to spread more love and more grace in this world.

4- Know that our seed will return to us.

The whole point of sowing seeds is for there to be a harvest. God promises that whatever we sow we will reap. We can rest in the truth that the light and love that we sow today will one day return to bless our lives as well.


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