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One Small Change

A few weeks ago I started eating an orange for breakfast. It was one small change in my life for the better.

It’s really easy to do— it only requires a few minutes of my time, and I’ve actually grown to enjoy my little daily ritual of peeling the orange and eating it one slice at a time, and knowing that this is something that I will have no trouble with keeping up as a habit.

Has it revolutionized my life? No, it hasn’t. But is it one small change in the right direction? Yes, it is. And who knows the effect it will have if I keep doing it for the next fifty years?

Certainly, there come times in our lives when we need to make a huge, dramatic change to move forward. The time will come when God calls us to change a job, end a relationship, move across the world. And when that moment comes, we have to be prepared for the hard & difficult challenges that accompany a big change.

But part of God’s work in our lives is in the ridiculously simple, ridiculously small changes. Like eating an orange. And just because it’s small doesn’t make it any less important in the grand story of our life.

That’s really my idea behind these little daily talks. If you get a huge insight that triggers a dramatic shift in your life, that’s great. But if you only get a little “aha” that encourages you to make one small change, then that’s wonderful. That’s amazing. That’s a miracle.

So why not listen to what the Spirit is speaking to you, right now? What’s one small change that you can make, today?


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