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Remember That They’re Human Too

I want you to realize that today you will encounter someone who will be rude or inconsiderate to you. Maybe someone who will treat you unfairly, become angry or frustrated with you, possibly even hurt you.

I guarantee it.

But I also want you to realize that you will encounter someone today that was abused as a child, and has never healed from it.

Someone who is dealing with life-threatening illness, either themselves or a family member.

Someone who feels awful about themselves inside, and deals with it by lashing out or blaming others or withdrawing.

Someone trapped by an addiction or another life lie.

Someone who feels hurt themselves.

I guarantee it.

And I just want you to remember that they’re human too.

That doesn’t justify their behavior, and it doesn’t mean you allow yourself to be hurt by them. It just means that they’re human too.

And you can choose to give them grace, grace from one human to another.

Grace that shows them the best of what it means to be human. The same grace that God shows on us.

Look at this video and take a minute to think about the grace you can show today:



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