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Not Me But God Through Me

The way we view the world makes an enormous difference in our lives. Whether you call it our “lens” or our “worldview,” the mental filter that we use to interpret life basically creates our whole experience of  life.  If we change the way we see the world, it’s like getting an instant upgrade on our experience of life.

So today let’s explore a powerful life upgrade by using this powerful truth:

Not me, but God through me.

This is one of the most life-changing lenses that you can see your day-to-day life through, in everything from fixing breakfast to having a difficult conversation to putting out your best work. Allow me to offer three powerful ways that this truth “upgrades” your life:

1- You see that you have more power than before

There’s a story in the Bible where a servant of the prophet Elisha is fearful about an approaching enemy army. The prophet prays to God, and suddenly the servant sees a great angelic host protecting the city.

Over and over in the Bible this is repeated, from David defeating Goliath to Peter walking on water, that people who see spiritual reality, who see that it is not just them, but God through them, lead powerful lives.

2- You see that you have more purpose than before

I think of the old story of the bricklayer working on a cathedral. He just kept laying bricks, one at a time, day after day, week, after week, year after year. When a passerby remarked what a menial job that must be, he replied that he wasn’t just laying bricks, but creating a cathedral.

In the same way, once we adopt the lens that God is working through us, we can do any task, even as simple as washing clothes, as the work of God and part of His great purpose for the world.

3- You see that you have less pressure than before 

I once heard a pastor say that if he felt that it was solely his responsibility for people to respond to his message, then he would be a miserable man.

What he meant was that we don’t need to feel pressure as to whether what we did was good enough. Since God is all-powerful, He’s got it all under control. We are His children, remember? He isn’t counting on us to be perfect or to move mountains— that’s His part of the job. And when we realize that God is working through us, we can let go of worry and simply trust that God will work out everything that He wishes to accomplish in this world.

So, today, feel more power, feel more purpose, and feel less pressure by remembering that it’s not you, but God through you.


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