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There’s No “But…” with God


We are all masters of the “but…”

It started when we were kids:

“Billy go clean your room”

“But, Mom…”

Then things progressed as we got older:

“Mary, you have to be home by eleven”

“But, Dad….”

Unfortunately, our genius talent for coming up with reasons why something isn’t a good idea or won’t work only keeps growing stronger in adulthood.

And nowhere is it stronger than with matters of faith, where God is challenging us to explore something new and get out of our comfort zone.

We hear this still small voice saying:

“Billy, look, there’s an art show next month. Why don’t you finally take one of your paintings and enter it?”

“Billy, they’re looking for speakers at that conference next month– you’d hit it out of the park if you’d go for it”


And what do we say when we hear that still small voice?

“Yes, God, but….”

Have you been there? Of course you have. We all have. It’s called being human.  Remember Moses? When God visibly appeared to Him in the burning bush and spoke directly to him, what was his immediate response?

“Yes, God, but…  I’m not cut out for this. You got the wrong guy. I’m not a good speaker. God, really, you need to find someone better than me.”

Do any of those excuses sound familiar?

I know they do. But let me make something 100% clear to you right know:

There’s no “but…” with God.


You might as well face it. Trying to use your “but” with God won’t work. Oh, He’ll be patient with you, but He won’t let up until you’re willing to see what He sees in you, until you’re willing to finally take the path that He has laid out for you, the path that may be scary and hard but will give you the most joy in the end.

So, I want you, right now, to just give it up. Give up using your “but” with God. Get rid of your “but” today with God.

Now, I want you to be clear that giving up your “but” to God actually means you have to use it more to other people. Saying “no” to other people’s requests is vital to free up the room you need to become and do what God desires for you. After all, what would have happened to Moses if he had listened when his shepherd friends said “Hey, you can’t go running off to Egypt, we got these very important projects that you need to do right here?”  You must practice a friendly but firm “NO” to anything and anyone that isn’t in God’s unique path for you.

So, today, remember Moses and his encounter with God. And when you hear that still small voice (yes, you know the one I’m talking about), and you know God is asking you to step out in faith, just remember that there’s no “but…” with God.


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