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Take Time to Talk

What if you were sitting down having coffee with me, and asked me how my relationship with my sweet wife Tina was going, and I told you, “Oh, I love her so much and she loves me so much. We spend all day together, smile at each other, and just enjoy each other’s presence.”

You might reply, “Wow, that sounds great. I bet you all talk all the time and have great conversations about everything— what your hopes and dreams for the future are, the meaning of life, and just ordinary stuff like how your day is going.”  But what if I then said, “Well, you know, I’ve been pretty busy this week, it’s probably been a few days since we really said much to each other, but like I said I really love her and enjoy being around her a lot.”

Well I hope you would tell me, “Guy, I’m glad you love her and that you enjoy being around her, but a big part of a relationship is to RELATE to each other, to speak your heart and listen to hers, to let her in your world. How can you do that unless you’re talking on a regular basis?  Look, it doesn’t matter how busy you are, you’ve got to take time to talk.”

And you would be right— there would be something wrong with a marriage like that.  And one of the many reasons that Tina and I do have a great marriage is that we do take time to talk with each other, every day, listening and sharing our hearts about every topic that’s important in our lives.

But now consider this: instead of thinking about how important it is to be daily taking time to talk with your spouse, think about how important is it to be daily taking time to talk with your most important relationship, your relationship with God?

“But I read the Bible every day. Oh, and I’m with Him all the time, right? And I love Him and He loves me, and I really enjoy His presence.” Yes, all of that’s great, but it’s not the same as taking the time to talk— taking even a few minutes to share with God verbally how things are going, what’s on your mind, what you’re grateful for, what you’re scared about, what you need help with, and to listen to what He has to say as well.

Hey, I know you’re busy, I am too, but take time to talk with God today.


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