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Nothing Can Block God’s Plan For Me

Discouragement:  being deprived of courage, hope, or confidence; being disheartened and dispirited

Discouragement: it’s a feeling we all have to deal with, often every day.

We see the future, we see a vision of who we would like to become, what we would like to achieve.

But inevitably, we face problems and obstacles, some of them small and merely irritating but others that seem unsurmountable. We end up discouraged, deprived of our courage, robbed of our hope and confidence.

Since discouragement happens to all of us, we all need a solution to it, a way to defeat its grip when it tries to hold on to us.

I know one thing that is absolutely stronger than discouragement: and that is God’s love for us. And God’s love for us means that He has a plan for our lives, and that plan cannot fail.

Do you think you have obstacles in your path? Do you sometimes think there is absolutely no way for God’s plan for you to come true? Well look at Joseph. God gave him a vision that he was going to be a mighty ruler, and his own brothers literally kicked him into a hole and then sold him as a slave. If anyone had a reason to believe that God wasn’t going to be able to come through on his promise and his plan it was a young man who was thrown into slavery in a foreign country without hope for thirteen years.

But God is always, always faithful to His children. His purposes will come to pass. Today, you can say to yourself without doubt:

Nothing can block God’s plan for me.




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