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Wisdom for Life



How do I make good choices in relationships?

What are simple steps to deal with guilt and fear?

How do I live a life of love and light?

In his latest book Dr. Hollandsworth answers these questions and more with over one hundred devotions such as “Write Your Own Story” “Create Simple Beauty” “God Is Always on Time” & “The Power of Opportunity.” All are written to help you see the beauty and love of this life and to live in freedom and joy.

paperback 262 pages available on Amazon

 A Conversation on Catbird Creek, The Sunflower, and The River are my “Parables of Life” series, short inspirational gift books with beautiful full color nature photos and text that illustrate simple spiritual insights.

More Than a Run is a collection of essays I wrote while training for a half marathon, chronicling some of the spiritual lessons I learned from the experience.