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How Can I Grow?

Yesterday we talked about facing challenging situations and three words to use in any life challenge: Bring More Love.

Today I want to bring in four more words that we can always use to re-orient our attitude in life’s challenges: How Can I Grow?

I believe that the Spirit’s purposes in everything that life brings us, good and bad, is to help our spiritual growth. When you think about it, our physical bodies need both times of rest and nourishment and times of stress (physical workouts, pushing out bodies to the limit) in order to grow and be healthy.

Our souls follow the same principle. We need times of rest, joy, and nourishment, but we also need times of challenge, exertion, and pressure– it’s the only way our souls can grow and mature.  So one of the most fundamentally helpful questions we can ask ourself in any situation is, “How can I grow as a person, as a soul, through this problem, this challenge?”

What you’re facing may stretch you in many different ways. You may need to become more hard and brave, or you may need to become more soft and humble. You may need to learn how to better listen and care for others, or Spirit may be trying to teach you to stand up for yourself and set boundaries from toxic people.

The truth is, there’s no one size fits all lesson in any tough situation. Because your soul is uniquely crafted by God, the lessons it needs to learn will be uniquely crafted by God. But the first step is to realize what life is all about, and to approach life and to approach God with a sense of anticipation, gratitude, and curiosity, to each day be asking, “How Can I Grow?”


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