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Imagine Getting a Hug From God

I want you to right now close your eyes and imagine getting the best hug in the world from the person who loves you the most, whether that is a parent or a friend or a sibling or a spouse.

Feel that warm beautiful feeling just thinking about it? That’s the power of a hug. I think hugs like that communicate four things to us:

First, they communicate comfort. When we’ve had a hard day, or have a “boo-boo” that hurts, physically or emotionally,  a warm hug gives us comfort in a way that mere words cannot.

Second, hugs communicate protection. We inherently feel safe in the arms of someone who loves us, we feel physically wrapped up and protected by them.

Third, of course, a hug communicates love. From the first time we were nestled in a mother’s arms, we are deeply wired to feel love through hugs.

Finally, a hug communicates encouragement. A hug passes on the message, “You’re special and I believe in you. You can do it, you can make your dream come true.”

Comfort, protection, love, encouragement— that’s pretty powerful stuff. No wonder we love hugs so much.

Now, one last assignment: I want you to close your eyes and imagine getting a hug from the One who truly loves and cares for you more than anyone— and that’s God. I want you to imagine getting a hug from God. I want you to feel all His comfort, all His protection, all His love, all His encouragement just surround you and envelope you right now.

Got it? And guess what— His hugs, His loving care is always available to us, every day.


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