Sharing Your Great Work

Last week I was listening to spiritual teacher Gabby Bernstein and she made the statement, “It’s my responsibility to share my great work with the world.” She said that it was a mantra that everyone should adopt, that each and every one of us had a unique and great work and that we needed to…

The Difference Between Your Ego & Your Soul

The ego cries,”I am poor” The soul smiles, “I am rich” Learning about our ego and our soul is one of the most important steps to a well-lived life. The ego is the well-intentioned part of our psyche that started growing in early childhood as a way of protecting us from a scary and unpredictable…

To Grow You Must Outgrow

We all want to grow in wisdom, in strength, in joy. But a principle often overlooked is that to grow, we must always outgrow, we must always be willing to leave behind and go beyond what, where, and who we have been before.

Will You Hear God Today?

Francois Clemmons listened to the voice of love and acceptance for years, but didn’t really hear it. When will you?

Joy Is an Inside Job

Joy: it’s easy to know when we don’t have it, but not always easy to know how to get it. Looking to see joy as an inside job, as the fruit of how we live our life, helps us along the path.

Heal Fear Back to Faith

We all deal with fear, but instead of struggling with it, we can heal it. We can heal fear into faith.

Every Life Lesson Is to Choose Love

Every person that God brings into our life is an opportunity for us to learn to choose love, but when that person is toxic then the love we choose first must be our own.

Plan to Be Proud

How can you make sure that you’re going to have a great day? The simple technique of planning to be proud of yourself, focusing on what’s within your own control, is a mindset that’s easy to implement and that works.

Guilt Will Only Get You So Far

Think about a big change that you’ve attempted in your life: it may be a diet, or giving up an addiction, or leaving a toxic relationship, or accomplishing a big goal. How did you break through? How did you finally pull the trigger, make the decision to start, get up off your butt and start…

Healthy Love Heals

While a love of “beautiful trauma” may be exciting, a spirit-focused love that heals us is a much healthier choice.

How to Live Today Like a Lion

The image of what “living like a lion” most of us envision may be very different from the reality. Read about what the life of a lion can teach us about stress and health in our own lives.