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Every Experience Is A Growth Experience

When you’re going through a difficult situation, have you ever wondered “I wonder if I can grow from this experience?” or “will I grow from going through this?”

You don’t need to wonder about whether you will grow from an experience. The truth is that every experience is a growth experience, because we are always growing. Just like a tree, as conscious beings we are growing every day, laying down new memories, forming new associations, taking on new perspectives. We are growing on bright sunny days, rainy days, and stormy days, through “good” experiences and “bad.”

So the real question is not “if” you will grow but “how”-how will you grow from what you experience today? The good news is that you have choice, you can choose how you grow from any experience, you can choose the direction your growth as a soul will take.

There’s an old saying “you either become better or bitter”— and there’s real truth hidden in those words. We all know people who have faced hardship and let it mold them into stronger, wiser, more loving people. And we know people who have turned down the path of bitterness, victimhood, anger, and despair.

You can decide the kind of person you want to grow into over the course of your life, and then deliberately take a path to become that person. Wise friends and counselors can help, but you choose the person you want to become.

Choose to let your experiences today help you grow into that person your truly want to be.


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