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The Difference Between Your Ego & Your Soul

The ego cries,”I am poor”

The soul smiles, “I am rich”

Learning about our ego and our soul is one of the most important steps to a well-lived life. The ego is the well-intentioned part of our psyche that started growing in early childhood as a way of protecting us from a scary and unpredictable world. Because the ego is always trying to protect, it is always looking for trouble and danger, always searching for something to fight or flee from. The ego will always see lack, neediness, fear, disappointment, risk, pain, anger, and a host of other negative thoughts and emotions. It is the “glass half empty” part of ourselves. It also will well up in pride as yet another defense against others.

But our soul, the deep eternal part of ourselves that dwells in God’s presence, sees life differently. It sees that we are deeply, truly, boundlessly loved and cared for by God, that we have limitless potential, that we are blessed in every moment, that truly with God all things are possible. Our soul is both fearless and utterly content and in peace. It is our soul that can tap into not only mere pleasure, but deep and abiding love.

The ego really can only cry “I am poor,” because that is the only way it can see the world, or else it cries “I could be poor!” because it is constantly worrying about the future. The soul has no worries, because it knows the truth of living in the presence of God. No matter the external situation it knows that you are rich beyond measure, and it knows that love and abundance can never be taken from you.

It’s entirely your choice where you live from moment to moment… your ego or your soul. Choose to live from your soul today.


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