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Your Heart Creates Your Treasure

Jesus once said, “Wherever your treasure is, there you will find your heart.” He saw the connection between our heart and what we value, and instructed us to be mindful of both our treasure and our heart.

As we live our life, our heart doesn’t just value our treasure or follow our treasure, our heart is what actually creates our treasure.

Think of something or someone you treasure. I treasure (no surprise here!) my marriage to my sweet wife Tina with all my heart.

My heart feels emotion, love, towards my treasure. The more I treasure Tina and our marriage, the more love I feel. The more I set my heart to dwell on my treasure, the more love I create, and the treasure of my marriage grows.

As I create more love, my heart directs my mind to focus my thoughts. I start meditating on everything that I treasure about her. I think about all her good qualities, all her sweet displays of affection, all of her support, all of her thoughtfulness, all the happiness we’ve enjoyed.  I think about all the ways I’ve treasured her and as my focused thoughts are energized they multiply and treasure her all the more.

Because I treasure Tina, my heart also directs my will, my energy to create action. I help do the dishes, I tell Tina how grateful I am for her, I buy her special gifts, I spend time with her, I think of thoughtful and romantic actions to show her how much I treasure our love. My actions shape and strengthen the treasure of our marriage.

Your heart creates your treasure too. It either grows it and sustains it, or weakens and kills it. Look to your heart. What is it directing you to treasure, and why? You can choose what you set your heart to treasure, and what you set your heart to treasure will be created in your life.


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