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Life Is Opportunity not Outcome

There’s the old saying, “Sometimes life hands you lemons, and you have to make lemonade.”

But there’s something fundamentally wrong with that statement. In essence, it’s saying that some days life gives you “good” outcomes, and some days life gives you “bad” outcomes, and on bad outcome days you have to come up with a plan B.

But Life is not about outcomes, “good” or “bad.” Life is about opportunity instead.

Life gives you opportunity, every single day of your life, and the opportunity is always the same: are you going to drink the lemonade?

Some days there’s going to be an ice-cold pitcher sitting right there, and you’ll just need to grab a glass, pour it, and enjoy.

Other days you’re going to have to track down the lemons, slice them, squeeze them, and add the sugar and water yourself.

But the opportunity remains exactly the same: to enjoy your life.

If you really get a hold of this, it will change you. Your life, every day, really is completely and only what you yourself make it to be, and you, every day, have the opportunity to make it great, no matter what your external circumstances. You create your life with your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. God has given you that power and that responsibility. Take hold of that power and create the life you desire, every day.


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