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Today Life Will Give You an Opportunity

Sometime today life will give you an opportunity to grow.

It may come as something to say yes to for the first time, or something to say no to for the first time.

It may be an opportunity to try a new experience, or to have a difficult conversation with a coworker or friend or family member.

It may be that you need to speak up, or instead to keep calm.

It may be choosing to take a new road, or pick up a book, a video, or some other opportunity that just happens to fall in your lap.

You won’t know the potential significance of the opportunity you will be given. It may be just a slight nudge in a new direction, or it may turn out to change your whole life.

But whatever it is, life will give you an opportunity to grow.

Life will also give you an opportunity to give today.

It may be just to give a smile or a kind word to a stranger. To help out your spouse with a project. To give a coworker an extra hand. To send an encouraging text or email.

Whatever it is, it will be your opportunity to give.

And lastly, life will give you an opportunity to get, to receive.

It may be as simple as looking at a beautiful sunset, to receive a smile or a hug from someone you love. To allow someone to do you a favor. To be valued and cherished by someone who makes your realize just how precious life is.

To grow, to give, to get. That’s the rhythm of a life well lived, a life of taking the opportunities that you are given each day.

And that is the life that you can choose to live today.


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