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You’re not on your last page yet…

Do you ever find it hard to hope in God when it seems like you’ve hit a wall, a situation you can’t possibly win?

When I feel that way I remember the last act of Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. For our beloved heroes all seems lost. Han & Leia are surrounded by stormtroopers, Luke is being seduced to the Dark Side and is helpless before the Emperor, and the Rebel armada is being blasted out of the skies.

What if our heroes thought “This is it. This is the last page of my story. This is how it ends. It will never get better?”  What if they gave up? What if they just accepted what looked like their fate?

But they weren’t on the last page of their story, were they?

And guess what? Neither are you, my friend.

No matter what challenges you’re going through, no matter how bad things are in your life, the fact that you’re reading this means that you’re not on the last page of your story.

God and His grace is still at work in your life. There are pages in your story that have yet to be turned, that you can’t even imagine. You still have scenes yet to shoot that will have everyone shedding a tear and clapping when the ending credits roll.

Trust and hope that you’re not on your last page yet, and keep writing a beautiful story with God.


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