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What Has Forged You?

I went to an early screening of the new movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.  One major plot line in the movie is that Arthur has to fully face the pain of his past. Although it becomes the most difficult thing he has ever done, only when he fully faces his pain can he see that it was the very trials that he suffered that helped forge the strength of character that he developed, and only by fully seeing and accepting who he is can he fully wield his strength.

It is no different for us. We all have strengths– but many of us do not see ourselves as strong, and few of us have fully embraced and wielded our strength. But to see our strength truly for what it is, and to effectively wield it, we have to be able to see what has forged us, both blessings and trials.

I have a great capacity to care for people, to think the best of people, and to be a peacemaker. Some of my character traits were forged by the presence of good men of God in my life like my father and my uncle John, but some of my character was also forged by emotional abuse and other difficulties I suffered growing up as well. Being able to fully and openly look at my past and embrace it all as that which has forged me has enabled me to know who I am and fully harness my strengths.

What has forged you? What inner strengths do you possess? How can owning your past give you victory today? If you’ve never done any kind of this inner work, ask God to reveal to you what truths will help you in your journey, and what help, whether it be from a trusted friend or a skilled counselor, you may need in your journey.  After all, you will never know what kind of sword you can pull out of a stone unless you first realize that you have the strength of a king.



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