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What Do You Deserve?

Our minds and our heart are powerful influences on how we experience our life. What our mind thinks about any topic and what our heart feels about any topic will literally change our life.

There are multiple scientific studies that prove this is true. Students that are told that they are in a gifted class learn better and test better than students being taught the same materials in the same way, except not being told they are gifted.

In one experiment, people taking standardized tests actually scored higher if they were wearing a white coat and were told it was a doctor’s coat, and scored lower if they were told it was a workman’s coat.  Just wearing something associated with being intelligent actually made these people more intelligent.

This is real: what your mind thinks and what your heart feels changes your life. One of the most important questions your mind and your heart asks is “What do I deserve in life?” and how you answer that question to yourself is one of the most potent ways to change your life that you have..

What do you really tell yourself that you deserve? And what do you deeply feel that you deserve in your heart?

Try this test today: look straight into a mirror and tell yourself statements like these:

I am beautiful and fully deserve love.

I am strong and fully deserve respect.

I am gifted and fully deserve to excel.

I am a child of God and fully deserve abundance and to be richly blessed.

I am a unique creation and fully deserve for my dreams to come true.

Can you say those statements with a calm confidence, with your heart rising to a joyful, hope-filled place?  Or do doubts, fears, and contradictory thoughts start popping into your head, with your heart sinking down?

Try this test on for size and find out what you think and feel you deserve, and then determine how you can change your thinking to change your future.



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