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What Colors Are You Painting With?

Let’s imagine that you want to paint a picture of a bowl of blueberries. You just happen to be a skilled artist with a new blank canvas, so you’re all ready to go. But you look down and to your dismay you see that the only paint colors you have are black, red, and yellow. Now tell me: how is that blueberry painting going to turn out?

The simple answer, of course, is that you no matter how skilled you are, you can’t paint blueberries unless you use the right colors.

Well guess what? You, my friend, are a skilled painter.  Each day, each moment you are painting— and your canvas is your life. Each thought, each feeling, each action, each word is a new brush stroke. But the question you must ask yourself is this: what colors are you painting the canvas of your life with?

Are you painting with colors of fear, of resentment, of anger, of negativity? Then you already know, my friend, how your painting is going to turn out.

But if you reach into your heart and into your union with God and pull out colors of faith, hope, love, joy, trust, and peace, then I can guarantee you that your painting will be a work of art.


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