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Unfold Your Wings

A butterfly learns patience. It spends what seems like a dark eternity in a cocoon. One day, its world opens up, it feels the warm sunlight once again, and these strange but beautiful new parts of itself (what are they called? wings?) start to slowly unfold. Once they are fully unfolded, the butterfly can finally take flight.

This miracle happens only once in a butterfly’s life. But as humans, we have the privilege of this happening again and again. We are continually growing and expanding, we have new “wings” to unfold in the sun many times in our lives.

The first time we pedaled with our bicycle’s training wheels off. Our first kiss. The day we first held our high school diploma. Or our first paycheck.  Or our first child.

If we continue to expect new wings to unfold in our lives, they will. God is delighted to give His children new blessings and for us to become more and more of what we are meant to be.

I had a friend who was a pathologist. When he was in his fifties, he started feeling new wings unfolding, and he saw God moving in his life. He took a tremendous leap of faith by quitting his job, going back to school and becoming a counselor. Those wings had always been there— God had just been patiently waiting for the right time for them to open up and unfold in his life.

And for me, this whole #soulspresso project has been a time of growth and joy— new wings unfolding. And I can’t wait to see what other wings that God will unfold in my life as the years go by.

So I’d like to encourage you to look for what God is doing in your life, whether you’re eighteen or eighty. There are new skills, new life experiences, new wings that God wants you to grow. Look for them, let them unfold in the sun, and then take flight.


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