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The Patience of a Rose

Does anyone ever think they are patient enough? I hear chuckles in the room, because I think we all can think of areas where we could use more patience.

My biggest area is when I already see light at the end of the tunnel, a solution to a problem, but I realize it’s going to take (to me) an agonizingly long time to get there and I can’t speed it up. 

The wedding that you know is going to be beautiful, but is still two months away. The new car that will be your pride and joy, but you can’t afford until next year. The weight that you want to lose. The degree you want to finish. The job you want to be in. The (fill in your blank), that will delight you but won’t happen until someday in the future.

It helps me to compare my waiting to that of a rosebud. The beauty and aroma of a rose is in there, waiting in the rosebud, but it has to be patient. It has to trust in the gradual unfolding day by day, petal by petal, that God has arranged for it.

There’s no way to speed it up. If you’ve ever tried to open up a rosebud and peel the petals apart yourself, you already know that trying to rush the process only ends in failure.

The same is true of every process, every unfolding that God has for us. They take time to properly unfold, and often that time cannot and should not be rushed. 

Just like the rosebud, we have to trust in God’s wisdom, God’s timing, God’s power to bring our dream to pass as it gradually unfolds in all its beauty.

What are you impatiently waiting for to unfold in your life today? Think about the rose and relax in God’s grace as He takes care of its unfolding in your life.


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