Heal Fear Back to Faith

We all deal with fear, but instead of struggling with it, we can heal it. We can heal fear into faith.

Life Is Opportunity not Outcome

There’s the old saying, “Sometimes life hands you lemons, and you have to make lemonade.” But there’s something fundamentally wrong with that statement. In essence, it’s saying that some days life gives you “good” outcomes, and some days life gives you “bad” outcomes, and on bad outcome days you have to come up with a…

Learn to Feel God’s Path

What does the Bible mean when it says we walk by faith and not by sight? There is a way that is beyond rules, beyond logic, and beyond emotion, and that is to learn to feel God’s path.

God Is in the Lemonade Business

As we’re walking in faith with God all of us will face the time that will challenge our faith and threaten to derail it altogether, and that’s when we have faith that God will bring something good or prevent something bad and He does not. The cancer that you asked to be healed and knew…

When You Don’t Know the HOW, Trust the WHO

Over the next few days I want to break down how I approach walking by faith as a child of God into some little bite-sized chunks. The first chunk is “when you don’t know the HOW, trust the WHO. Every day we face┬áchallenges and decisions that are beyond the ability of our┬áminds to come up…