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You Don’t Need Perfect Apples to Bake a Perfect Pie

Think with me for a minute about baking a mouth-watering apple pie. To start, you need some absolutely perfect apples. Then, you need to follow an absolutely perfect recipe.

Now, back up a minute: do we need absolutely flawless, perfect apples? For that matter, is there even such a thing as absolutely perfect apples? And if there were, would they make any better a pie than just some really good apples and a good recipe?

As long as you have good apples, then the apples combining with the other ingredients and baking will create something new and different from the apples: pie.  Pie takes the natural goodness of the apples and turns them into something new, something truly extraordinary.

So why am I talking about pie? Because I want you to consider that marriage is just like pie. You don’t need two perfect people to have an amazing marriage, just like you don’t have to have perfect apples to have an amazing pie.  The process, the recipe, of living in love as two people fully committed to each other can cook up something new, a beautiful relationship of “us” that can be even better than either of the two people by themselves.

There are no perfect people, and two imperfect people can still be perfect for each other. I know this is hard to believe, but I am not a perfect person. And neither is my sweet Tina. But there is no doubt at all in my mind that we are perfect for each other. The “pie” that we are baking with our lives and our love is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted.

So here’s your encouragement for the day:  you don’t need perfect apples to bake a perfect pie. Find yourself a good apple, be a good apple yourself, and enjoy what you can bake up together.


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