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Make Someone the Greatest Blessing in Your Life

“You are the greatest blessing in my life.”

Those are sweet words, aren’t they?

Sweet to say and sweet to hear.

Who can you say that to, right now?

I bet you have an immediate answer, one name that instantly comes to your heart, an answer that fills your heart with gratitude and joy at the mere mention of their name.

For anyone who knows me, it’s no surprise that the name that comes to me is my sweet wife Tina, who has blessed me in so many amazing and extraordinary ways.

So, who is your greatest blessing? If you have that person in your heart,  why not make their day and tell them, right now, in person or by phone?

I want you to make that your project for today, to tell someone that they are the greatest blessing in your life. Make it so. And after you tell them, why don’t you honor them by letting others know who you have made your greatest blessing on your own social media or in the comments below? If you’re into hashtags you can use #mygreatestblessing.

Because that’s why we’re here in this life, to give and to receive, to be blessed and to be a blessing.

So be blessed, and bless someone, today.


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