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Look for Grace

I truly believe that God is wanting to bless our lives every day in a multitude of ways both big and small. I believe he wants to give each of us huge amazing miracles that blow us away and change our lives forever. And I believe He is equally eager to sprinkle our lives liberally with sweet everyday blessings that are just as miraculous and just as precious if we are just willing to look for them and treasure them.

I had one of those gracious blessings, one of those instances of God saying “I’m thinking of you” last night. It started earlier in the week when I was in a French pastry shop and feasted my eyes on the most exquisite hand painted chocolate truffles I had ever seen. They were labeled as being Caipirinha flavored. I had never heard of the word, so I googled it and found that it was the lime-flavored national cocktail of Brazil. I thought “well that’s interesting” and went along my way, thinking that was one cocktail I would probably never have a chance to drink.

Fast forward to last night: I was walking through Disney’s shopping district and there was a little booth selling mulled fruit cocktails. I passed by it and walked on down the street, thinking “I’m not really thirsty.” But after about fifty yards, I slowed down and thought, “There was something that intrigued you about that booth– go back and check it out.”

So I went back to at least find out what drinks they were making. And I fell over when I got close enough to read the one word sign:


Now you may choose to believe “that’s just a coincidence Hollandsworth.” You may choose to believe “God doesn’t arrange little stuff like that He’s into the big important stuff” or you can even choose to believe “God certainly didn’t arrange for you to walk by a bar! Don’t blame God for that one!”

Actually, you can choose to believe anything that you want to believe— it’s all fine with me. But keep in mind that whatever you choose to believe, no matter what it is, will a powerful effect on how you live your life.

Einstein was reported to have said, “You can choose to live life as if nothing is a miracle, or as if everything is a miracle.”

I choose to believe that everything, even the small sweet blessings, are miracles. I choose to believe that all of them come from God’s loving hand. I choose, every day,  to look for grace.


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