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Let Beauty Touch You


Our hearts and souls are designed to respond to beauty.  Beauty is probably, after love, what is most nourishing and most vital to our healthy souls.

But it’s so easy in the hustle and bustle of everyday life to not find time for beauty.  Fortunately for us, beauty is all around us, if we are just willing to take time to let it touch us.

The beauty of nature can be found every day, whether it’s looking down and seeing an early Spring crocus in the grass (which I snapped a picture of above) or looking at a tree or a sunset. It only takes a moment to focus and dwell on nature’s simple but profound beauty, and let it touch us.

The beauty of art and music is even easier to let touch us, thanks to the radio and the internet. To fully let yourself be enveloped in a song and let it work its magic down into your soul (and maybe even down into your dancing feet!) can be part of our lives every day.

The beauty of story is a powerful source of beauty to me. I instinctively find beauty in almost any story– people who know me know that I can cry in almost any movie, just because I will find its beauty and let it touch me.

The highest and truest source of beauty, however, is the beauty found in relationship— both in our relationship with people and with God.  That’s why we were created, to love one another and God, and then be able to see the beauty in love.

So, do yourself a favor today. Take a moment (or even two or three!) today to nourish yourself with what your soul needs today, to be touched by beauty.



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