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God Is Always Guiding

I love using my Google Maps iPhone app when I’m driving to someplace I’ve never been before.  Just think about all it does for me, from the second I start the car until I arrive at my destination:

1- It knows exactly how to get to my destination– I don’t have to worry about it.

2- It constantly monitors where I’m at to see if I’m off track or if I took a wrong turn and lets me know.

3- It even knows if there’s a wreck up ahead of me and automatically re-routes me to keep me out of trouble.

In short, it is always guiding me, every moment, from start to finish.  I’d never leave home without it, and I’d never want to try to drive to a new destination without it.

But you know, I have something even better than Google Maps when I’m traveling to new destinations in life.

Yes, I’ve got God.

I know that sounds cheesy, but really think about it: God is always guiding us. He knows the destination He wants to bring us to, He knows how to get there, He knows the road ahead, He knows when we’re off course, and unlike Google Maps, He infinitely loves and cares for us and wants to see us reach our destination.

The key is to know that He really is guiding us, every moment, and to be willing to listen and trust. Sometimes His guidance will be through Scripture, sometimes through wise friends, sometimes through prayer, sometimes through a circumstance that just happens to come into our lives, but I believe that even when we don’t realize it God is still there guiding, every moment.

I feel so secure when I have Google Maps guiding me— how much more secure should I feel with God? How much more should I feel at ease knowing that His directions and guidance are perfect for me? How much more confident should I be that I will reach my destination without fail?

Today, trust that God is guiding you, be open to it, and relax in knowing that He will get you to a beautiful tomorrow.


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