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Go to Your Happy Place

As I’m typing these words, I am in “The Happiest Place on Earth“— the place that brings me more joy than perhaps anyplace else on this planet— Disney World.

But when I say “Go to your happy place”— I’m not talking about spending a small fortune to see a cartoon mouse. I’m talking about going to a place of peace, joy, light, and love in your heart. Take a minute, right now if you can, and imagine a beautiful place, one that you have good memories of or one that you have always dreamed of visiting. Imagine being there with people who you love and cherish. Fill in the details— listen to the birds chirping, feel the hug of a loved one, smell the ocean breeze.

Got it? Now intentionally go into your spirit and connect with God— whether that is prayer, meditating on a Bible verse, or just dwelling on God’s love. Sit in this place of love and light in your heart. Now close your eyes if you can, and gently smile.

Feel better? It only takes a minute to go to your happy place, reconnect with yourself and God, and refresh your soul. What if you did this for one minute every hour today? How would that change your day, change how you respond to the challenges that you face, change how you feel by the end of your day?

“But I don’t have time to do that!”  Really? If you spend one minute in your happy place every hour, that’s sixteen minutes out of your day. How many minutes will you watch television or other media?  How many minutes will you spend on facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat? Just ask yourself the question, how much impact do those have on my soul, on my life compared to sixteen minutes of connecting with your spirit and with God?

Try it. Go to your happy place today, and let your happy place give you light and love to bring into every part of your life.


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