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Faith: The Giant That Lives Within You

Right now, you’re facing a situation where your faith and your fear are both trying to get your attention and run the show.

How do I know? Because you’re alive, and life is continually giving all of us situations where we are given the choice to live by faith or live by fear.

The problem is, fear often seems like the loudest voice in the room, frantically shouting and waving its arms and pacing around, and faith is the little wallflower in the meeting who never even raises its hand to speak.

But that’s not actually true. The faith that lives within you is in reality so much bigger and so much stronger than fear, if you only nurture it and give it a chance.

Here’s a picture within your mind that I want you to give a try to help you grow your faith:

If you’re able, close your eyes. Now imagine your fear as this frantic, scared, loud person just talking nonstop about everything it doesn’t know about the future and imagining the worst.  Got it? Ok, now shrink Mr. or Mrs. Fear down to its real size— imagine them shrinking down until they’re only 5 inches high. Because that’s what fear does— it decreases our size, our strength, and our vision.

Now, imagine your faith as this calm, confident, wise version of you, the very best version of you– and see them start growing and growing until they are huge, a fifty foot giant.  Why? Because that’s what your faith really is— it’s the giant that lives within you, that allows you to see far away into the distance and confidently step over any obstacles in your path.

Now I want you to see your faith gently bend down and scoop up your fear in its hand and lift fear up, so that your faith is holding your fear safely and securely, and fear can see out into the distance. Imagine faith showing fear a future that looks so bright and so beautiful that fear stops talking, and just drops its mouth and stares at how amazing your future really is.

Lastly, I want you to imagine your faith walking off towards your future, fear still held safely in their hands, with the two of them facing your beautiful tomorrow together.

Keep that picture in your mind as you face your challenges today. Keep confident that your faith has the strength to carry you and your fear to the tomorrow that God has planned for you.


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