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Don’t Pray Like a T Rex!

What do I mean by “Don’t Pray Like a T-Rex?”

Everybody knows all the jokes about t-rexes and their tiny arms, and how limited they are because of them. In a famous cartoon a t-rex asks another “How much do you love me?” and the other one tries to spread apart their arms and gets the reply “That’s not very much.”

Well I imagine that’s how we are sometimes when we pray. God asks us “How much do you want me to bless you?” and we throw up our little t-rex arms and say “Bless me this much, God” and God shakes His head and thinks “That’s not very much.”

Sometimes we think that it’s too selfish to ask for a big blessing from God. We think it would make us look greedy or that we shouldn’t have any more than anyone else or that other people deserve it more or if we get too much it would mean that God couldn’t give to other people.

But I can’t find a single Bible verse where it says “ask God to bless you, but don’t get crazy about it” or “Pray for what you want as long as it’s not too much.”

But what does the Bible say?  “Ask, and it shall be given to you.”  It says that God is able to do “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.” It says that God will give you the desires of our heart.  It says that God is our provider. Nowhere does it say that it is wrong for us to dream big and pray big. In fact there are several stories in the Bible (like in 2 Kings 13) where the amount of God’s blessing is directly tied to how much the person was willing to ask for.

So, the next time you pray think about those little T-rex arms and don’t pray like a T-Rex. Dream your biggest dream, pray your biggest prayer, and expect God to bless you way beyond both.



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