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Create Simple Beauty

I was sitting in the lobby of Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, thinking about what I should write, and a cast member (what Disney calls their employees) approached a couch next to me, took a seat pillow that had gotten shifted by someone sitting there yesterday, and placed it back where it belonged.

That simple act is one of the hearts of the Disney ethos: that creating and maintaining an environment of properly structured beauty creates joy (beauty which people are willing to pay big money for!).

There is a natural sense of rest and joy that our bodies and souls feel when we are in an environment where everything just intrinsically feels as though it is as it should be. I think it is both an appreciation of the beauty itself and a relaxing of our always on fight-or-flight mechanism relaxing when it senses that all is at it should be and there’s no need to search for danger.

But you don’t have to be at Disney to create simple beauty. Why not take a minute to straighten up some pillows, to remove a little clutter, to put a fresh flower in a vase? Even if your house or your workplace is a wreck, you can take one small step today to create some simple beauty in even one area. There is something deeply satisfying to both our bodies and our souls in bringing more beauty into our lives.

In the Bible God originally placed us in a place of beauty and asked us to tend it. Why not continue that original role as tenders of beauty by creating some simple beauty in your life today.


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