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Wisdom for Life

Be Truly Helpful

Here’s your project for today:

Be truly helpful to one person.

Not your run of the mill, everyday politeness and the I’m doing what a normal person would do kind of helpful, but a deep, thoughtful, get down in your gut and bring up your best kind of helpful.

Why is that your project?

First, being truly helpful will soften your heart, more than ten ordinary helps. The time and energy you invest to deliberately, mindfully help someone with all your heart and all your attention can have a profound effect on your heart and on your whole day.

Second, by being truly helpful you will change someone’s life. Think about the times you remember someone truly helping you— don’t you still remember those times when someone made a special effort to help you, even though it may have happened years ago? Sometimes one action, one day, can be enough to change someone’s life.

Third, being truly helpful today will start you on a new way of life. If you make it a project to find one person to be truly helpful to today, and then find one person tomorrow, and then one person the next day, before you know it your mind will be conditioned to look for opportunities to be truly helpful, and you will get more and more blessings from a new way of living.

Want to change your life and the life of countless others? It all begins today by choosing to be truly helpful.


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