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Be the Person Your Dog Knows You Are

You may have heard the phrase “Be the person your dog thinks you are.” I would like to take that a step farther, and tell you to be the person your dog KNOWS you are.

Since dogs give us such unconditional love and acceptance, we think “oh, they don’t know about all my failures and mistakes and weaknesses because they’re a dog, I just wish I could be the kind of person they think I am.” But wait a minute, have you ever seen a dog around a person who had truly evil intent towards you? Not so much unconditional love and acceptance then, is it?

What if it isn’t that dogs are blind to our mistakes, but actually see beyond our mistakes? What if they can sense who we are deep in our souls, and that’s the person they love and accept? I honestly believe they can, and that’s part of the reason they are here on this planet, to provide love and healing and to provide us a mirror of sorts, to remind us through their love of the kind of people we really are.

This beautiful love that dogs give us, love that is not blind but truly deep seeing is just a taste of the love that God gives us as well.  It’s not that God is blind to our failures and struggles, but that He sees deeper, He gazes at the beautiful soul that He created, He sees His precious child and pours out His love.

This is the love that allows us to grow beyond our selfishness and weaknesses and past sins, this is the love that gives us a vision of who we truly are and the power to live in freedom.  This is not just positive thinking or feel-good words: the person who your dog knows you to be is real, is the real you, and God’s grace is real, grace that allows the real you to grace this earth with your light and love. Be the real you, be the person your dog knows you are today.


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