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  • Joy Is an Inside Job

    Joy Is an Inside Job

    Joy: it’s easy to know when we don’t have it, but not always easy to know how to get it. Looking to see joy as an inside job, as the fruit of how we live our life, helps us along the path.

  • Guilt Will Only Get You So Far

    Guilt Will Only Get You So Far

    Think about a big change that you’ve attempted in your life: it may be a diet, or giving up an addiction, or leaving a toxic relationship, or accomplishing a big goal. How did you break through? How did you finally pull the trigger, make the decision to start, get up off your butt and start…

  • Boundless Joy

    Boundless Joy

    What is your greatest joy? The question popped into my head while walking today, and instantly intrigued me. I started thinking of all the things that gave me joy— good food, back rubs, driving with the top down, listening to a waterfall, getting a new electronic gadget, and especially insulting lawyers. But it didn’t take…