Will You Hear God Today?

Francois Clemmons listened to the voice of love and acceptance for years, but didn’t really hear it. When will you?

Every Life Lesson Is to Choose Love

Every person that God brings into our life is an opportunity for us to learn to choose love, but when that person is toxic then the love we choose first must be our own.

Healthy Love Heals

While a love of “beautiful trauma” may be exciting, a spirit-focused love that heals us is a much healthier choice.

Your Heart Creates Your Treasure

Jesus once said, “Wherever your treasure is, there you will find your heart.” He saw the connection between our heart and what we value, and instructed us to be mindful of both our treasure and our heart. As we live our life, our heart doesn’t just value our treasure or follow our treasure, our heart…

Live a Life of Spiritual Love not Spiritual Rules

Over my adult life I’ve attended a broad variety of churches. I’ve been in a rural one room Fundamentalist Baptist church where the pastor sincerely believed that any Bible but the “King James” and any church that belonged to a denomination was against God’s will. I’ve been in an urban United Methodist church pastored by…

Roses Don’t Need Rules

You don’t need to give a rose a rulebook. You don’t need to teach a tulip. You don’t even need to coach a carnation. Why? Because it’s natural for flowers to be beautiful. It’s wired into their deepest being. No rules, no teaching, no coaching of any kind needed in my garden. Now, there’s some things flowers need to…

Bring More Love

Today you will face a challenging interaction with someone, whether in person or by phone or text or email. There is one course of action that will always get results and align you with God’s power: bring more love.